Summertime fun, summertimes past, Summertime Blues

"Summertime," Nat King Cole sang, "and the living is easy." Maybe. Maybe not.

Summer morning (for a change) with a temperature of 64 degrees before heading up to just over 80 up here in the mountains.

A dual whammy of advanced age and failing health keeps us from enjoying the weather or summer much this year. Doctors are lining up to see how much surgery they can inflict over the coming weeks and months. Shoulder replacement heads up the list, followed by needed work on failing legs, collapsing knees, disappearing hearing and other aches and pains of a long-abused body.

Same for the better half of the family unit. Please understand if you don’t see much of us out and about in this summer of 2023. Mother Nature and the limiting odds of life are in control. Our once landscaped, three-and-a-half acre yard now looks like a wilderness area. We only have the ability, at this time, to care for the part of the yard closest to our house.

Household projects must until we can muster up the strength and health to deal with them. Renovations began more than a decade ago remain unfinished. Resources have to go to deal with health and age issues.

We’ve had, and enjoyed, a wonderful life and more, we hope remains in the time we have left, but, living with the reality of depleted health, overburdened resources and the surprises that continue to lurk and take control can. and do, remain issues.

The video above is a previous effort to look at summer when we could fully enjoy and report on what is happening around us. I will be using past photographic and video efforts to illustrate such things while we deal with the pressing needs and health and repair.

We’re not alone and too many have more problems than us. Hang in there. We will try to do the same.

Eating ice cream on a Summer day in the Shirlington community of Arlington County, VA.

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