Why we should be listening to Republicans like Bill Barr and others

Former Attorney General William Barr was a major part criminal actions of Donald Trump's disaster as president. Now he says Trump should pay the price for his crimes.
Former Attorney General William Barr

A few days ago, we displayed a video of former Attorney General William Barr, who most of us felt was instrumental in helping Donald Trump violate the law after the former president lost the 2020 presidential election.

Barr, however, is becoming one of Republicans who are now trying to come clean about the extreme criminal activity of Trump and the outright violation of the Constitution and federal law that, in our opinion, can and should be considered outright sedition and treason against America.

Barr’s turnaround is big news and shows just how vapid the extreme right wing of the Republican party has become in its blind support of a violent enemy of the state. I took a sabbatical from journalism in the early 1980s to work as an operative for the GOP. I was then, and remain today, a poetical agnostic. I worked within the political system in an attempt to learn more about how government really works.

What I learned sickens me and I now consider that part of my life a mistake. I wonder is that same kind of guilt also drives William Barr and the handful of Republicans who are now coming out to expose the the serious criminal actions of a con artist — Donald John Trump.

The interview of Barr by Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) reveals a lot about Barr and, we hope, other Republicans who are finally realizing they were committing a big mistake with Trump and his legion of treacherous traitors.

It is important for each of us to put America first. Trump put himself, his ego and his greed above the needs of this nation and he should pay a serious price for his crimes.

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1 thought on “Why we should be listening to Republicans like Bill Barr and others”

  1. Bill Barr it’s not total our fault you allowed this to get far. Don’t blame the new administration you failed the people of the United States 🇺🇸 for having the balls to stand up for the people of United States. You damn there put you legal career for a man that is a 📺 character and the fact you and and most of the country fell like he is going to fix the country. This man and four long years under minded us. Not everyone voted for Trump were in food insecurity, medical 🏥 insurance. For Republicans there all you we’re getting was the things you were getting was your wish’s list that you couldn’t get from democrats. Now democrats are back and being in power who give a damn. Don’t get me wrong the democrats wrong they got issues to.. all Trump allowed was being liked and give you your wishlist like Governor of Florida and Texas. Everyone has there issues about how this country this country is not about you and the good ole boys.
    Also watching racism been in playing again. Number 1 a fail job in the mod whe it came to protection our citizens from Cov19. Bullshit beliefs talking about not rambling about nothing. Like shooting bleach that should work. To many to list.

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