Attack of the hungry bears

Guess the bears were watching and waiting for me to put a couple of trash bags out on the back porch so I could load them into the car the next morning and take to the dumpsters.
Screens torn down by ravaging bears.
They ravaged, they tore open bags, but they found nothing to eat.

Woke up one morning this week to find an unpleasant surprise on our back porch. Two of our screens had been pulled down and two garbage bags had been pullled out, apparently by a bear or bears.

I had put the bags on the porch to load into our car that day for a trip to the dumpsters on my way into town to run errands. The bear beat me to it.

We will have lived in this house for 19 years on Dec. 1, 2004 and, to my knowledge, this is only the second visit to the back our our house. The first visit came in 2005 when I had finished mowing the yard and was relaxing in the hot tub afterwards.

My eyes were closed when I heart the snort of a bear and I opened them to see a grown one on its back feet looking through the screen. My first thought was to keep still, advice for dealing with an encounter with bears but then I was it’s eyes moving as it watched the flowing water int he hot tub. The back door to our garage and mudroom is about 20 feet and I was wondering if I could make it inside before the bear came over the sill of the porch.

Before I could try, the bear dropped down on all fours and suantered off into the woods. I scampered into the house and was sitting on a dinette chair in the kitchen when Amy came in from the front part of the house and said:: “Oh, you were in the hot tub. I bet that was relaxing.”

No, it wasn’t. I’m not relaxed right now, either. Replacing two screens and cleaning up the mess ruined the day.

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