Floyd’s football Buffaloes fall to Fort Chiswell’s Pioneers

The Buffs opened the season on the road last week and lost 42-0 to Christiansburg.
Connor Martin of the Buffaloes stops a Fort Chiswelll runner. (All Photos by Doug Thompson)
Taylor Deskins of the Buffs picks up yards.

The home season football openers for Floyd County High School’s varsity Buffaloes fell behind the Fort Chiswell Pioneers in the first quarter Friday evening then tied the game briefly, then fell behind by one point after missing a point-after attempt, and missed out on two close to-the-goal chances in the second half and lost a second-straight game of the young season 20-12.

Late in the fourth quarter, with less than two minutes left, the Buffs had a first and goal but could not compete a pass or run the short distance to score. Two missed opportunities to score extra points in the team’s touchdowns would have meant the team would have needed two scores to win the game in the final minutes.

Buffalo junior Joseph March carred the ball 13 times for 91 yards on 13 carries and quarterback Rylan Swortzel hit a 8-yard touchdown pass to Eion McPeak and 21 yards for the teams second TD. McPeak caught seven passes for 61 yards.

The Buffaloes are set to host Blacksburg next Friday on Coach Beale Field. Game time is 7 p.m.

Buffalo quarterback Rylan Swortzel keeps the ball and ran for a 21-yard touchdown.
A pass to Noah Farley of the Buffs was just pst his fingertips and could have been a touchdown.
Sam Phillips of the Buffaloes picks up yardage.
A pass that was just out of reah for a touchdown late in the fourth quarter.
A pass by Sam Phillips in the second half.

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