A long run by Taylor Deskins of the Buffaloes sets up a second touchdown by the team. (All photos by Doug Thompson).

Buffaloes go down to Blacksburg’s Bruins, 40-14

The Bruins snapped a 29-game losing streak with the win and the Buffaloes are now 0-3 for the season so far.
Taylor Deskins of the Buffaloes crosses the goal line for the team’s first score of the game.

Floyd County High School’s football Buffaloes put its 0-2 loosing streak on the line on Coach Beale Field against the Blacksburg Bruins, a team that had not won a game since 2019.

The outcome wasn’t even close as the Bruins quickly three two touchdowns and never looked back in a rout that put the Buffaloes 0-3 after a 40-14 thrashing. At one point, the Buffaloes appared to be back in the game, scoring two touchdowns and extra points, but interceptions and missed opportunities put the game out of reach as the Bruins cruised to victory.

Taylor Deskins of the Buffaloes scored the first of the team’s two touchdowns, then added a long run to set up the second score as part of 65 total yards for the night.

The game was also costly as injured Buffaloes, hobbled off the field, and saw more players go down, with another on crutches and watching the end from the sidelines.

The Buffaloes are on the road next week, playing Grayson County High School in Independence.

Aiden Bain (right) and Eion McPeak of the Buffaloes bring down a Bruin runner.
Blacksburg scores first in the game.
Cheerleaders work to keep the fans hopeful.
With the Buffaloes down by 19 points ask the first half closes in, coach Wingred Beale (right) looks for answers.

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