Happy Anniversary: 44 years

Few gave our marriage a chance -- 44 years ago
Amy Thompson on a trip on Amtrak's Acela to New York City in 2001:

One of the reasons my wife is often considered tor sainthood is the amount of time ahs has suffered at my side. Let’s honor her again today, our 44th wedding anniversary,

On Dec. 15th, 1979, we stood before Rev. Larry Jackman in the lwith wife, kids and their pets as witnesses in their home in Alton, Illinois, to take a second chance of marriages after we both flunked our first tries.

Friends had a pool going on how long we would stay together. Most guessed it would last, at most, for no more than two years. No one collected the pot.

Amy had to endure a lot. I was then am an alcoholic, and today I am a recovering one becaue she helped set up an intervention that led me to a my first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous on June 6, 1994. It worked. The AA Chip that I carry in my pocket celebrates 29 years, si months and nine days of sobriety, as this is written. She saved my life and our marriage.

Our union has had its ups and downs but the good fare outweighs the bad,We’ve celebrated a lot over the years.;

  • Travel to every continent in this world, dances at presidential events, time with notable people who have led nations, survived assasination attempts and many historic events.
  • I appluded and cheered in the audience at Rockefeller Center in New York at the event she worked with Al Pacino for the benetit for Lee Strasberg, his acting mentor/
  • As an actress and directors, She appeared in plays and movies amd directed several on stage.

She is my wife, lover, partner and best friend. Our anniversary today will be celebrated by food I pick up after several hours on tests at Carillon for ailments and injuries suffered this year, but what matters is that we will celebrate together.

Happy Anniversary my love. You make life worth living.

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