2023: A year to try and forget

For some, the year that ends in two weeks was a time to forget, if we can. Will 2024 be better? We shall see

Two weeks lefti in year 2023 as this is written and our part of Southwestern Virginia is held in winter’s grip with temperatures at or blow fraazing and high winds over the nesxt two ays to increase the chilly effects.

The cold weather is forecast to continue through the end of the year, but the warnigns are not as dire as they were a year ago when the thermometer plunged below zero, leving many residents with frozen and broken water pipes and plumbers backed up with orders.

The chart below, courtesy of the Weather Channel) shows the temperature and precipitation outlook:

Some improvement but many nights with lows below freezing but non below zero, at least not yet. The rain that soaked us, causes some flooding and washed out driveways, including ours, has moved northward but Christmas day is forecast for showers and the week that follows predicts snowfall by the end.

Welome to winter. The end of 2023 could not, for us, end soon enough. Continued fighiting in Ukraine, a new outbreak of violence in Gaza, 21 indictments of a former disgraced president and a deadlocked Congress considered by most as one of the worst in history.

I spent most of the year fighting a serious leg infection and went into December with multiple broken bones from a fall and indications that it was caused by a micro-stroke. Tests that are continuing into the New Year may or may not confirm that diagnosis.

The New Year brings a year of continued political turmoil in America, more fighting in the Gaza Strip and Ukraine and increasing predictions that our Democracy, as we know it, could end on November’s presidential election.

So much for a Happy New Year.

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