Healing up for the coming year

Brokem bones, infections, falls, strokes. That was the year that is ending. Let's hope the new year will be better.

Temperature outside this morning was 14 degrees and the predicted high might reach 48 around 3 p.m., if the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg is correct, which is always a big “if” when it comes to weather forecasting.

At least we did not wake up with a surprise semi-coating of snow, like Tuesday. Sandy Flats Road was mostly ice when ventured onto it for the five mile drive into Floyd to cover Circuit Court for the Floyd Press.

Tuesday was the last court for the Circuit this year. We get a holiday from it in the week between Christmas and New Years.

Sadly, I have a doctor-enforced holiday from photographing the Floyd County High School varsity Buffaloes boys basketball game tonight on the Alan Cantrell Court. My right leg, weakened by a stroke last month, is still recovering and I probably won’t be ccleared to cover athletics until afl the first of the year.

Wife Amy and I will spend Christmas savoring oriental food at either a Chinese or Japanese restaurant in Christiansburg or Blacksburg. Family holiday dinners died with both or our parents.

My thanks for the happy birthday cards, email and Facebook posts. I’m happy to be celebrating birthdays at 76. With luck, Amy and I can look ahead to some more in the coming years (fingers, toes and eyes crossed).

The coming year may be challenging, depending on the final result of regaining the strength needed for needed work on our house, recovering a yard that was not mowed or tended at any point last year.

Same for covering high school sports for photos. I hope I can be back on the courts, ball fields and sidelines in 2024 and that is the goal for recovering. My eyesight is failing in one eye and I have to use earphones connected to the mikes in the courtroom because of hearing that is fading rapidly.

So, we face 2024 is trepidation and guarded hope. Hope to see many of you at the games next year and please have a happy holiday and new year.

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