Dealing with typods, oops we mean typos

A problem that kept getting worse over the last few months have been the errors and typographical errors on this website.

While my left wrist, hand, and fingers were broken, I tried to use dictation software that only increased the number of errors, and typing with one hand was also a disaster.

Amy, my long-suffering wife, has been my proofreader over our 44 years together, but problems with her health have left her unable to keep up, especially this year with both of us laid low.

Anyone who writes for a living or fun is also the worst person to proofread their work because we tend to see what we intended to write and not how it came out on the other end of the typewriter, computer, or pen.

Two years of secretarial typing classes gave me a typing speed of 125+ words a minute as a 17-year-old reporter in 1965, but rapidly spreading arthritis in my hands and fingers, along with most other joints of my body, have slowed my output to far, far less.

Friends often send emails or private messages on Facebook about the errors, which helps a lot. Those who call me an “idiot” or “fraud” or worse sometimes do so with long, obscenity-laced screeds that are full of their typos, do at least let me know of the errors.

Several years ago, a journalism student wrote a research paper on her study of my work over the last 60+ years for newspapers, magazine and online media service. She found that my articles and/or photos have appeared in more than 500 newspapers, dozens of magazines and countless websites over what was then 50 years of writing.

No wonder my fingers are tired.

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