Big Buffalo win in the Chance Harman Classic

Buffaloes force a turnover by Chilhowie in Chance Harman Classic. (All Photos by Doug Thompson)
Nasty weather delayed the Classic but a large crowd turned out to benefit the cause while freezing cold howled outside.
Korey Turpin of ther Buffaloes fires from the three-point line.

Rough weather caused rescheduling of the Chance Harman Classic basketball tournament at Flord County High School last seek and cold weather greeted those who came on this past Saturday night for the round of games that honor the memory of the victim of a rare form of cancer that cost the life of the young son of Buffaloes varsity coach Brian Harman and his wife too many years ago,

The Buffaloes finished the tournament in a tough match against Chilhowie with a 63-57 win before a large, enthusiastic crowd in the Alan Cantrell Gym when high winds sent the below-freezing temperatures even colder.

Phillip Radford takes the shot from a crowd under the net.
Clearing an attempt to block a goal.
Another successful three-point goal.

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