Not just cold but ‘WTF’ cold

To put it anther way, thie weather is FUBAR

The temperature outside just after 2 a.m. on this Wednesday reads 7 degrees, which is cold, but ther wind child calculated by our digital weather station says -eight degrees. That makes it damn cold.

Brings back unpleasant memories of a year ago when actual temperatures well below zero split the worn out PVC water piples in our crawl space and sent freezing water everywhere except the sinks, bathrooms, dish washer and clothes washing machine in our home.

We wren’t alone. Plumbers were backed up repairing frozen pipes thoughout the area. I spent three weeks replacing most of our pipes with newer, stronger ones, which left me with a cellulite infection that continues to hobble me 12 months later.

Our water runs day and night in the bathroom sink the furtherest distance from our pressure tank and hot water heater as a precaution this year and our heat system is working overtime to keep the house toasty while ice and snow on the ground keeps schools closed in Floyd County and other parts of Southwestern Virginia. The National Weather Service office in Blacksburg says temperatures on Wednesday might reach 25 degrees but the wind chill will make it feel colder, along with a low tonight of 16.

Thursday is expected to be warmer with a high of 38 and an overnight low of 28, then colder temps return at 34 high and 11-degree low ‘Friday, then subfreezing levels on Saturday with a with a high of 16 degrees at the top end and seven low going into Sunday.

Forget damn cold. that is a WTF freezing.

Highs in the 40s are expected to return next week and, possibly, into the 50s on Thursday , Friday and Saturday, if current forecasts hold, and that is always a big “if.”

Stay warm and, if you can, stay in. This is still just January and Forgery can, and often is, even colder.

Global warming? That’s what they used to say but they now just call it “climate change.”

Uh huh. Our climate is FUBAR and Mother Nature can just go to hell, where it will, at least, be warm.

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