Let’s hope there is no more snow business

January has been a crappy time with too many snow and ice storms and cold temperatures. Let's hope February will be better.

Assuming the National Weaher Service forecast for the next few days is correct — always a big assumption tiven their poor accuracy in forecasting — the snow ice that has hobbled this area for too long shoild be gone by Saturday with temperatures in the high 50s and perhaps the low 60s.

That will be good news for those of us why have long steep drivways that need termteratures above freezing and sunlight to burn away the toxic excesses of Mother Nature.

So far in this winter, we have not suffered the extreme below zero temperatures that left many with froezen pipes. Windchills sent the “real feel” levels last week and over the weekend but the lMonday night was 26 degrees and forecast to be above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Of course, Febeuaies in past years hav e brought anow and ice storms, so we are not our of the woods just yet. Mayber the first two months of current years are one of the reasons why they don’t call the changes “global waning” but, instead “climate changes,”.

Anywaty, here is the current National Weather Service outlook for the next 10 or so days, courtesy of Weather.com.

As some readers may know, I have been hobbled by a stroke and other medical problems, so I have not been able to get out and shoot images of the weather or sports events as often as I could prefer. With luck, I will be able to shoot photos of the FCHS Buffaloes varsigy basketball gsame against Patrick County on Friday, Jan. 26. Hope to see you there.

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