Gathering for the old-time traditional music jam at The Floyd Country Store.

Back doing what I love

Old age illinesses and incidents like a stroke last November have had me down for too long.

As some readers and friends know, I have been battling old-age halth problem that began in 2020 and has kept me form going what i love to do most, which is photograph the life in our area of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwesterb Virginia.

I’ve only been able to capture a lower than usual number photos of the athletic events involving Floyd County High School and have not shot any photos or video of our area’s incredible music culture for more than a year.

Until the past Sunday, when I made it over to the Floyd Country traditional and bluegrass jam sessions, which bring out our local musical talent to play.

Some photos here for anyone who might be interested. I also hope to get to the Jamboree on Friday night to shoot both photos and videos.

Banjos are popular at the jams.
Jamming on the guitar.

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