A tribute to those who served

Remembering those who served in Vietnam.
Granddaughter of a slain Vietnam veteran places a ribbon on his name at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall of Washington, DC.
Honroing a father and grandfaher at the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, DC.

I created this vddeo `1 ywers ago to etry honor those who served and honor thieir memories.

Over the last decde, I have tried to updte it but, in the end, thought what tried to say in it was still current and, peerhaps, even more needed to be portrayed.

Features photos I and video footage have shot in Vietnam and hot sports around the worldho during a life dedicated to reporting and while living and working out of out Nations Capitol.

There is no greater sacribice is the one onemakes to serve their country and, if necessary, die for it.

May they be honored and remembered on this Memorial Day.

An Israeli soldier guards the prayer wall of the Old City of Jerusalem as a young man prays.

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