Damn, damn, damn

OK. I accept that I moved too fast last week and thought i was able to resume routine activities after a lot of time in the emergency room of Carillon New ®iver Valley Medical Center earlier.

I shot video at the Friday Night Jamgoree and covered court last week for the Floyd Press. Memorial ∂ay looked promising as the weekend approached.


I stopped at Express Mart to pick up some things after a quick trip to Food Lion and was trying to set the emergency brake on our Can-Am Spyder when my foot slipped off the spring-loaded bar and my left shin slammed into the primary foot.

Didnt seem to hurt that muh (I had made that mistake before) and I rode on home. Then I noticed a lot ofo blood on top of my shoe and Amy said I was leaving blood on the floor while wlaking. Took my pants off and found a deep gash that was bleeding, as they say, profusely. Tried to clean the wound, but the pain came and intensified, so Amy called the Floyd County Rescue Squad and they soon me on my way to Carilion New River Valley Medical Center’s Emergency Room — a second trip there in a week

An x-ray found no broken bones but they did find a deep gash and related scrapes, along with rapidly spreading swelling and discoloration, that usually signals onset of cellulitis, a tissue disease that has popped up bothered me before. The ER staff of Carilion went to work cleaning the wound, taking multiple tests ad sewing the gash back up.

Dealing with the cellulitis, however, meant waiting for the mountain range of blood blisters too break, on their own to avoid imore infections while keeping close eye on the swelling and spreading discoloration of the leg. On Tuesday, the blisters had dissipated, leaving a murky goo of wounded leg and blood, which the Clinic cleaned up, bandaged and sent me home with orders to cme back on Thursday to change the dressing and check out the progress.

And, of course, stay off my feet abd keep the leg elevated. My thanks to the Rescure squad for thrie quick and efficient response, the folks at Carilion at New River in Floyd and friend Nickj Piazza for picking me up form the hospital bringing me homw.

With luck, I will be back on my feet next week… Ihope.

Doing so meant not being able to shoot photos of the regional sporting events or taking care of other matters.

My thanks to the Rescue Squad for their quick and efficient response, the Emergency Room at Carilion New River Valley and the Carilion Clinic in Floyd.

Have I learned a valuable lesson? I hope so but the odds say otherwise.

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