Three trips to the ER is enough

Three tips to the emergenc room at Carilion New River Valley Medical Center in 10 days.

The appointment at Carilion Clinic n Floyd on Thursday called for replacement of the dressing on my left leg, hobbled by what was though to ba cellulitis infection that set in by a freak accident last Sunday.

The nurse who removed the ace bandage that covered the wound and stitches said “wow! when she saw what appeared to be a widespread infection. Another one said “oh, my god.”

The dressing was not replaced. instead, they called the county rescue squad to transport me to Carilion New River Valley Medical Center for the second time in less than a week on what was diagnosed as a rapidly-spreading infection being treated with an antibiotic, Doxycycline, twice a day.

At the hospital, an ultrasound showed no blood clots. Then a lot of blood tests, as they treated mie with antibiotic IVs and pain medication.

Several hours later, the doctor said the blood tests showed the dark areas that ran ffom my ankle to the knee on my left leg was not a massive infection but a massive bruise. Oh, I was still infected, but it was not the dreaded Cullulitis that has been lurking in both of my legs since an extended hospital stay form a motorcycle accident in 2012.

For the second time in a week, a good Floyd friend drove over to Carilion NRV to give me a ride back to Floyd. Julius Dickerson rescued me and he dropped me off back at Carilion in Floyd where our Can-Am was parked. Nick Piazza did the same after the previous trip to the ER. I hope I can a good way to pay both of them back.

Bruises can also hurt like hell and this one did exactly that. They sent me home with a boost in antibiotics, 1500 mg of Keflex in 500 mg capsules — 500mg capsulesthree times a day for at least the next days to see if the discoloration and pain go away.

This also means at least another 10 days off my feet with the left leg elevated.

Yeah, it still hurts like hell. Even 400 mg of Tramadol and nearly 4,000 mg of Acetaminophen a day manages to dull the pain.

And, oh yes, the trip to the ER Wednesday as the third one in a week-and-a-half. The first came when I woke up unable to hear in either ear. After treatment, I have partial hearing restored on the left ear but am still deaf in the right.

Yeah, I know. Willis Nelson sang it best: “Just a little old-fashioned karma.”

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