Going on a much-needed sabbatical

The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things. Oh, to hell with the walrus. We're taking a break.

After more than 75 years as newsman, misplaced political operative and general troublemaker, I’m taking a sabbatical For how long is undetermined, at l east for now.

It has been a good life, from a start in the low-water areas of Tampa Bay in Florida, to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia, the Mississippi River regions of Missouri and Illinois and the National Capital Region of Washington, DC. My wife and I have traveled the world at work and play. She was an actor, director and creative entertainer and I a writer and photographer who observed and reported on the world at large.

We are hobbled in our later years: her by a back injury on the job and me fry injuries, oftren work-relaed and the lingering problems of old age and an disregard for health and safety,

It’s time to take stock in the times that, hopefully, remain and can be enjoyed at a pace we we control and are not governed by outside sources.

Lingering problems from a storke and indications from brain scans of other so-called “micro-health events” has finally caught my attention and shows a need o deal with failing hearing, eyesight, memory and other functions determine whether these remaining years can be goodo ones or otherwise.

We game to Floyd County in 2004, a return by me to the area where I went to hight school and the birthplace of my mother, who was in failing health, and needed care in her later years. After she died in 2012, we decided to make this our final home.

The home needs attention. Health and injuries have left me unable to take care of needed work on the yard and house and remodeling plans have been on hold for far too long. As retirees, our our schedules are now our own and projects are governed by limited fixed resources of retirees, along with health and abilities.

Friends are ours are leaving the area before the end of this year, moving to a life in the midwest, not far from where Amy was born and I lived and worked for a dozen years. Others who have called this area home in recent years have also left while still others remain.

We’re planning to stay where we are. This is our home. Most of our relatives are done now. A daughter and her husband live near St. Louis and we hope to see them when we can.

I spent most of my life as a photojournalist and still hope to put a collection of images shot around the world in the hands of someohe who can make use of them. A college and/or state library have expressed an interest but my daughter must, and will, have a say on what happens to them.

I hope to continue to shoot images and videos to document the musical heritage of our area and high school athletics for our schools as a contribution.

Time, as the old cliche laments, will tell. Time, at our age, is can be both a friend and an enemy.

Age, legendary baseball pitcher Satchel Paige observed, is a case of time and matter. “If I don’t mind, it don’t matter,” he said.

Let’s hope so. Our thanks to all. It’s been fun and rewarding.

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2 thoughts on “Going on a much-needed sabbatical”

  1. Just take it slow Doug.
    You amassed a huge amount of work so now may be the time to secure it in a safe archive.
    We’re still here, we still love you and although resources are limited I will continue to try to help where possible.

    Age is catching up to me too, and I’m a member of some of the same clubs as you are, chiefly the Mister Magoo Club, which is not fun for a fan of the visual image.

  2. Doug you have been my surrogate brother since I was a kid. You were already a newsman and such a big help to Dad. What a career! So proud of you for being a photographer and reporter who gave his all to give us the real story. Hope you and Amy get some time to enjoy the memories and make some new ones. Now get some rest!


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