Old age is a royal PITA

Old age, Satchel Paige once said. "is a case of mind over matter. If I don't mind, it don't matter." Sorry Satchel. It does matter

Facing old age is a problem for me. For most of my career, I was considered young for what I did:Akid who have a news photo confirming the exiistence of the Ku Klux Klan in Prince Edward County, Virginia; the youngest full-time reporter at The Roanoke Times daily newspaper at age 17 and so on.

Now, at ag 76, I’m older than most in a room, be it a gathering for breakfast at the Blue Ridge Diner in Floyd, vA, or the one trying to photograph and film our mjusic culture.

Old age also means health problems. I’m down right now, fighting a massive leg infection and have exhibited signs of early onset dementia, driven by a motorcycle accident and MBT (massive brain tauma) in 2012. Let’s face it. Old age is a pain in the ass.

Memory lapses are common, forgetting names of people I’ve known all my life embarrassing and tiring after only a few minutes on my feeet are just a ew of the limitations of old age.

Because of poor health, I missed photographing key playoff games of sporting events at Floyd County High School this past Spring. I used to photograph and film the Friday Nite Jamboree at the Country Store on a regular basis but have only done so once this year. I haven’t been able to cover court sessions for more than a month now and and may never be able to do so again because of hearing loss and mobility issues.

Our yard is an overgrown wilderness area because I cannot mow it, even with our riiding mower. Our household insurance company is upset because of falling gutters brought down by heavy rain and high winds, but those who replace gutters for a lliving say we really don’t need them because of the steep roof of an New England style house where falling water sweeps off far from out the house foundation The insurance company doesn’t care because they yave a bureaucracy that they won’t breach.

“Age is a case of mind over matter,” said legendary pitcher Satchel Paige. “If I don’t mind, it don’t matter.”

Good thought, Satchel, but unrealistic. It does matter…a lot.

I don’t have hobbies. My work has always been my life. Photography and writing have fulfilled such needs,, but what happens when age and health keep one from doing what he or she loves.

Die? Not an option, at least not yet.

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  1. It’s a small thing, but reading your perspective on aging matters to me; it matters to us, a lot. For someone like me, in their 40s, we crave the unadulterated perspective of the elder generation. There is so little honest messaging to be found in the conversations happening on social media and marketing that we’re all so inundated with.

    Thank you giving us these musing. I would welcome more.


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