Floyd Town Manager position now a part-time job

Floyd Town Manager Lance Terpenny: Reduction in hours will give him more time to ride his Harleys
Floyd Town Manager Lance Terpenny: Reduction in hours will give him more time to ride his Harleys

After a few weeks on the job, new Floyd Town manager Lance Terpenny confirmed what many have suspected: A town of 435 people doesn’t need a full-time manager.

So the Town Council Thursday night — on Terpenny’s recommendation — cut his hours, salary and benefits by one-fifth and made the town manager position a part-time job.

The job goes from a 40-hour-a-week, five-days a week position to 32 hours and four days a week. Town Clerk/Treasurer Karen Hodges is also on a four-days a week schedule with she or Terpenny covering the town office on the other’s day off.

Floyd hired Terpenny after he ended his 16-year tenure as Christiansburg’s town manager amid controversy in July.  He went from earning $130,000 a year managing the third-largest incorporated town in Virginia to running one of the smallest for $50,000. The change in the town manager’s job from full-time to part-time will cut that salary by 10 grand.

The council reserved the right to restore the position to a full-time job if they feel things aren’t getting done by a part-time manager.

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5 thoughts on “Floyd Town Manager position now a part-time job”

  1. My congratulations to Mr. Terpenny for having the guts to tell the Floyd Town Council that the town doesn’t need a full time manager and should not be paying for one. How many people would take a voluntary pay cut and save the taxpayers money? I know there has been a lot of controversy about Terpenny’s severance contract with Christiansburg but I think Floyd made a shrewd move hiring this man and I congratulate both he and the town council.

    • That’s funny and nice. It’s probably closer to the truth if he told them he didn’t have anything to do on the remaining 4 days either.

      Does anyone know if Lance applied for the Clifton Forge Town Manager job? She took a big paycut too after leaving the Roanoke job. I guess nobody understands they already filled their gravy boats and staying in the system has nothing to do with concern for taxpayers. Don’t forget the quote, “It’s good for Lance.” Guess who said that. Hint: Lance

  2. As I said before Mr. Terpenny was hired as a full time town manager, there is not that much to do in a town with a population of 435 people and three employees. The Mayor or the vice-mayor.should be able to handle the administrative duties and supervise the employees, if needed. The town doesn’t need a manager, neither full nor part-time..

    • The more we know, the less we want to. Reading this article and the latest from RT online I wish I thought it was funny.

      It seems that Hodges and Terpenny are interchangable. Magically Hodges still has 40 hours worth of work to do but will do it in 4 days, to be determined randomly.

      I also wonder who is leading or serving who. Town Council appears to hire someone they can serve, rather than the other way around.

  3. The Roanoke Times reported today that the Christiansburg Town Council voted that town employees must take three mandatory furlough days to reduce town expenses by $141,000. Yet they were able to give close to that amount in severance pay to Lance Terpenny, as if they had plenty of money to spend.

    I think it’s sad that the financial burden falls on town employees when it could have been virtually eliminated by a sensible decision (and the legally correct decision, as I understand it) with regard to the severance pay deal.

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