Leftover issues of a summer of distraction and dismay

Tried to change the filter in our whole-house water system Sunday evening. The filter container stuck and it took considerable effort to break it free. When screwed the container back into place and turned the water back on, water spewed all over the place.

Freeing the stuck container damaged the seal and no amount of tightening would stop the flow.  Robbie Robbins will be over this morning to fix it and — with luck — we both will be able to shower before heading out to work.

The busted seal is just one of many things that need attention around the house. A screen needs replacement on the back porch, our hot tub is out of service because of a leaking pump and the gutters need cleaning before they grow more grass than our yard.

And the yard — oh the yard. It needs serious attention and a lot of TLC. New batches of leaves flutter down every day, two sinkholes from springs have appeared and the wilderness of weeds around the creek would stop Indiana Jones.

Summer came and went and this will long be remembered as the summer that got away from us. Readers know the issues related to my mother’s failing health and dealing with that has sapped our time, energy and resources.  So many projects that need attention now demand immediate action and time is running out before winter — one that some believe will be as bad as last year — sets in.


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