Floyd is no longer just a Friday night town

Chris Luster, Rob Neukirch and Bernie Coveney: Performing at the Floyd County Store Saturday night.

For many years, visitors flocked to Floyd on Friday nights for the Jamboree and pretty much ignored the town for the other six days of the week.

No more.

This is not your daddy’s Floyd…or your granddaddy’s for that matter.

Music will resonate through the town Thursday night with the free concert series at the Hotel Floyd. Music is also on stage at Oddfellas Cantina.

The Jamboree is, of course, the showcase for the town on Fridays but its not the only music in town with live acts on stage at Dogtown Roadhouse and Oddfellas.  Saturday has become a night for concerts as well. Bernie Coveney, Chris Luster and Rob Neukirch perform for a “Friends of Bernie” concert Saturday night at the Floyd County Store.

Next week, the Cream of the Crop Blues Band appears for a Saturday night concert at the Pavilion at Pine Tavern.

Besides the music, there’s homecoming at Floyd County High School Friday night and the proliferation of shops in downtown brings an increasing throng of tourists and shoppers from the area.

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3 thoughts on “Floyd is no longer just a Friday night town”

  1. I got to the Saturday night contradance and reconnected with old friend David DiGiuseppe (http://www.daviddg.com/) from Chapel Hill…
    It was my first time in the hall since they knocked down the wall between the dance floor and Dogtown Roadhouse. The band (among others) sure seemed to appreciate a pint at the end of the dance! Who knows, this “contrapizza” concept might even catch on!

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