Fall colors

Fall color. Some here and there.

A couple of fall color shots for the season.

5 thoughts on “Fall colors”

  1. Hey Doug!
    Excellent pics!

    are these beauties anywhere near the parkway? If not will you divulge their location?


    • Rich:

      I wish the heck I knew. I shot a bunch during two days of riding my bike through Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky and didn’t keep notes. I think the top photo was in West Virginia near New River Gorge and the bottom shot was between Boone, NC, and Mountain City, TN. That’s the problem when you fill up a 16gb CF card with two days of shooting.

  2. Great shots of the fall color…Looks like my visit to the mountains will come a little late this year…Keep the color shots coming so I can live vicariously.

  3. Great shots Doug! Thanks for sharing. : )

    You no doubt have many hi-res shots of this nature. They make great place mats too. I take my high res photo’s to a copy shop and have them enlarged to place mat size then have them laminated creating great seasonal place mats which I give to friends and associates. They seem to enjoy having photo’s of the flowers in their yards or simply that of gorgeous scenery found in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve supplied an enjoyable science link explaining how leaves change color in the fall for general interest purposes.


    Carl Nemo **==

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