Out of action for a while

UPDATE (Dec. 15): It appears I came through the procedure with minimal problems — besides the fact that it hurt like hell. The docs got all of the required pain killers and steroids into my herniated and compressed back discs and damaged nerves.

We now need to see if the procedure does it job. At first glance, it appears to be helping. I’m standing upright for the first time in six weeks and am moving with far less pain than in recent weeks.

But the ordeal is far from over. I will need 8-10 weeks of intensive physical therapy for rebuild the strength in my lower legs and to allow my damaged nerves to repair.  If I do it right and follow the orders I may have most of my normal movement back with a minimum of pain.

My thanks to those who sent expressions for recovery. They were very, very much appreciated. Your support means more to Amy and I than I can ever express.

Regular readers know I’ve been suffering from severe back and leg pain for the past six weeks and it has — if nothing else — slowed me down

I go under the knife for the second time in 10 days Wednesday as doctors attempt to fix a problem I created 35 years ago when I bet the odds of those who said I would not walk again from an injury. Now I’m paying the price for winning that fight in the short term.

We will know soon enough if today’s procedure is successful and — if so — will be back in the Floyd area by the weekend.  Even if successful, I face a long — and difficult — period of rehab.

Thank you for the comments and prayers of those who have written and called. I’m someone who doesn’t admit fear easily but I have to say that I’m scared beyond description.

Hope to talk to you in a  few days.  However it turns out, it’s been a blast.

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11 thoughts on “Out of action for a while”

  1. I’m thinking you need some time honored quotes for support Doug:


    “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”…Friedrich Nietzsche

    “The strongest steel is forged in the the hottest fire” … Old proverb

    “Never,never,never quit”…Winston Churchill

    “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”…Franklin Roosevelt


    Simply follow the doctor’s post operative orders and work seriously at your therapy. Stay off the putt until you get a clean bill of health to do so…period! : |

    Best of Luck Always…

    Your friend in thought,

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Dear Doug – I read your blog through Fragments From Floyd, tho I have never responded. I do enjoy your writings immensely. I know what you are going through with your back problems. I, myself, will have back surgery December 20 for the second time – spinal stenosis on the left lumber (different level from 2 years ago) and disc bulging on a nerve on right lumbar side. It’s not fun, but hopefully will heal the continued leg pains which keep me unable to walk much. Good luck.
    Dottie Carter, St. Louis, MO

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