When sexual orientation no longer matters

Of the many last-minute pieces of legislation passed by the Congress in the “lame duck” session following the mid-term elections the one of the most historical significance may be repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” rule that allowed the U.S. military to ban military personnel who open admitted being gay.

The ban on homosexuals in the military has always confused me as has the blatant homophobia of those who claim gays are “sinful” or “perverted” or worse.

Homosexuality, in my opinion at least, is a choice of lifestyle — nothing more, nothing less. It is not plan by the devil or a sign of the decline of society or a threat to the American way of life. It is not an illness, a genetic anomaly or a form of insanity. Some people simply prefer the sexual company of their own sex.

Again, this is simply my opinion. I’ll let others dig up phony science to bolster arguments. I have several gay friends and relatives. I once dated a bi-sexual woman.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC said it well in a parting editorial the other night when he noted that in a few years, after soldiers in all branches of our military have fought alongside gays they will find that the gays are just as brave, just as patriotic and just as committed to America as straights or anyone else.  That fact alone may lead to the day when a person’s sexual orientation is completely inconsequential.

I hope Chris is right. Any step that reduces bigotry in our society is one worth taking.

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2 thoughts on “When sexual orientation no longer matters”

  1. Doug: While I agree with your post, I would like to add that several gay friends of mine have said that it is not a “choice of lifestyle.” In fact, they said that they would not have chosen to be gay but it was apparent to them that they were — as young as age 8 or 9.

    From another perspective, my father (2 years Navy, 2 years Army, 35 years Army Reserves) said there are many gays in the military. From his conservative perspective, it is not a big deal at all. They do their jobs well, and their sexual orientation is not an issue.

  2. Its like I’ve been telling people for years, DADT wasn’t about gays serving, it was about them having to lie about themselves to do so. It would be like telling women they could serve if they pretended to be a man. In my opinion either ban them entirely or let them serve openly, forcing someone to lie while serving is not a very good option. I’m glad this was finally resolved.

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