Loving life and living love

God, I love life. Even when things seem darkest, life has a way of picking you up and saying “hey, time to take a chance and see how it turns out.”

Life is a series of second chances, sometimes even third and fourth ones. Life has a way of saying “look buster, you screwed up but go out there and give it another shot. Who knows? You just might get it right this time around.”

I’ve been fortunate enough to, for most of my life, do what I wanted for a living. Being a newspaperman is, for me, the greatest profession in the world It allows one to be an observer of history, a chronicler of the grand story of life and a participant in the grand experiment called the human experience.

For a while now, I’ve let my enthusiasm for life get sidetracked. Not good. Not healthy. No something that I will let happen again any time soon.

More than a few years ago, someone asked the cliche question: “What do you want to get out of life?”

My answer?  Life itself. I want to live, to experience, to immerse myself in that thing called life.

And so I have. And so I shall. To live life, one must first love it.

And I do…so much.

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