Lives cut too short too soon.

I’ll be on the sidelines of the basketball court Saturday night for the final game of the Chance Harman Memorial Classic — the annual series that remembers the young son of Coach Brian Harman  Chance died too young of a rare form of cancer — one that also too the life of the grandson of Travis Cantrell.

It’s never easy to understand why someone so young is struck down so early in life.  It’s also harder to understand how a disease so rare can take the lie of two young men in such a small county.

Floyd County, it seems, has for too long had more than its share of cancers that take the lives of young ones. Many agree that so many deaths are area. Yet none can seem to come up with an explanation as to why it happens.

It would seem that in this area of medical science an answer should be out there.

But the question remains:

Why not?

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  1. Doug, although I certainly sympathize and can understand the sadness of the situation since I work in Oncology, I think your post needs some editing/correcting. Sorry to be Mr. Correctee.

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