Wintry events?

Have you noticed how the talking heads on the tube never refer it to as “snow” any more?


Now we have “‘wintry events,” which can mean snow, sleet, freezing rain, a  mixture of both or also include an “ice storm” or Lord knows what else.

What “wintry event” really means is “something bad is coming, we’re not sure what the heck it is but we’re pretty sure you’re not going to like it.””’

In any case, get ready for a wintry event.  It’s coming and we’re not going to like it.

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2 thoughts on “Wintry events?”

  1. Nice ‘wintry event’ shot Doug. : )

    You’re a good photographer for sure. I’ve viewed you photo work over time. I’ve mentioned some time back that I too enjoy the hobby, but not to your level across a broad genre’ of subjects from sports to nature.

    My shots aren’t bad and I have an eye for what’s good and what’s not. I received many casual compliments of the relatively few shots that I do take. I decided to make place mats from select collections. I have them enlarged to nominal place mat size and then laminated which gives them protection serves their utility. I gift them to friends etc.

    You are sitting on a gold mine of shots that would appeal to all tastes and various interests. So you should consider making place mat collections available to your viewers and locally too through tourist outlets.

    Myself, a B&W enthusiast can say this wintery scene is tops. : ) When it comes to digitally produced B&W scenes, Leica is tops whether point and shoot or their top of the line cameras They can produce very fine grain shots with impact, similar to those taken with films of yesteryear.

    Carl Nemo **==

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