Loki’s end is near now. We know it and yet we don’t want to face it.

Our little brain-damaged kitten is blind and his instability increases with each passing day. He spends more time on his side flailing at the air than on his feet. We have to keep him separated from our other cats.

We’ve increased the medications that control his seizures but he still convulses uncontrollably as I hold him in my arms and try to calm him. His breathing is shallow and difficult.

Yet, in calm times, he purrs and loves like any normal kitten.

In about a week the medication and the special food we feed him runs out. At that time I will have to make the decision that neither Amy nor I want to consider. But Loki’s quality of life now becomes the overriding issue.

Knowing that we’ve done everything in our power to make his brief time on this Earth as pleasant as possible doesn’t ease the pain or stop the tears.


  1. My Cosmo was put to sleep yesterday morning. It was not an easy decision, but one I’d had a long time to ponder.

    He was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease 4 years ago, and given 6-18 months to live. He had only eaten 1 and 1/2 bowl of his special food in the last two weeks, and hadn’t really been able to keep even that little bit down. So my decision was to let him go before his organs started to shut down, an inevitability. Loving to the end, he had nursed me for the last 18 months after my wife died suddenly. He will be missed, and always appreciated.

  2. Over 38 years of marriage, we have had to make the decision you are now facing four times. Each time was heart-wenching. Currently we are the proud parents of three cats.

    Loki has touched the hearts of many people who will never know him. I think of you and this precious kitten every day.

  3. I am sending heartfelt empathy to you both. Our cats are our precious friends and it is so hard to part with them. But it is fortunate that we are able to make decisions that are appropriate to alleviate their sufferings, something we are unable to do for our fellow humans.

  4. I too know your pain of losing a beloved four-legged member of my family. I had to put my old girl Baby down today and although I was prepared, it still knocked me on my ass and took the breath right out of me. I haven’t been able to sleep tonight since my bed is empty without her.. I hurt beyond imagination and I had to read this again if only to know I was not alone tonight in my pain and grief.

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