A lot of apologies due to a lot of people

I’ve been a basket case for most of the past six months, starting with when my mother fell and went first to rehab and ended up in assisted living and then when my back went out and the doctors put me on a daily diet of morphine and Valium during rehab.

Those are two drugs that don’t mix well with many people and can really screw up recovering alcoholics. At the height of my back therapy, I had so much morphine and Valium in my system that I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t remember normal events, missed meetings and screwed up the simplest of facts.  I discovered this week that my memory of events were so  screwed up that my mind combined four different events into one when I was relating what happened.

As regular readers of this web site know, my typing skills went to hell and the typos in posts here were horrifying.

I’m off the meds now and into the next stage of rehab on the back problem and I memory and typing skills appear to be  returning and I owe a lot of people an apology for erratic behavior.

Since I can’t remember the specifics of many of the situations, I’m using this method to say “I’m sorry.” When I see you and memory returns, I’ll make the apology personal.

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