Rhythm of the rain and a return to rhythm of life

Rain is falling outside and provided a backdrop for the 30 minutes that I spend in our hot tub.  Dawn is breaking as I let the swirling hot water loosen up my body after a round of morning stretching exercises — all part of the therapy of getting back on my feet after last year’s back problems and various medical “procedures.”

We were fortunate enough to put in a hydrotherapy-style tub when we bought the house in 2004. It has five different “stations” that provide hot water massages on different parts of the body. I spend 30 minutes rotating around the stations three times a day as part of my therapy regimen.

The last couple of weeks has led to some normalcy in our life after the madness that began nearly a year ago when my mother fell at home. With her health declining, she is well-cared for in assisted living and driving over to see her is part of my regular routine nowadays.

It’s been a long haul and not one I want to repeat. Having dropped more than 50 pounds since last November along with a waistline loss of more than 10 inches has kept Amy making frequent trips to Angels in the Attic for clothes that fit.  The back problem, stemming from injuries that go back for more than three decades, was a wake up call and a signal that a lifestyle change is not only desirable, but all that necessary.

I’ve been easing back into a rhythm of life, covering a Board of Supervisors meeting that ran nearly 12 hours.  Spring sports at the high school are gearing up and I’ll probably shoot some next week.

This week, I was able to sit down with some of my web site clients and work on their web sites. I hope to get to the others over the next couple of weeks.

But I’m going to cut back on some of my schedule and try to focus on the business of living rather than living just for business.  I’m supposed to be semi-retired.

Some of that change may involve Blue Ridge Muse. I probably will shift the focus of this site somewhat, moving more into stories and photos about country living and less about the madness that surrounds us.

Life is too short to fight the good fight to the bitter end. At some point, we’ve got to sit back and let the younger folks do it.

If I can. That’s the question that I have not yet answered.

If I can.

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  1. Doug, please do take your own advice to let others take the lead on the maddening issues and enjoy your days. Congratulations on the major weight loss and change of lifestyle! It’s my opinion that you should reap tons of health rewards for doing so, not to mention being able to enjoy more aspects of life.

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