Taxing times may be ahead

Floyd County Supervisors, who actually lowered taxes for many county residents when they adjusted the tax rate downward after property reassessments, are coming to the painful realization that they will have to raise taxes.

And it may be a double whammy — an increase in both real estate and personal property taxes.

This comes as County Treasurer Mary Turman has to take more and more property owners to court over delinquent real estate taxes or put holds on residents being able to renew their car license plates because of unpaid personal property taxes.

The school system faces a shortfall of more than 800 grand in state revenue, mostly due to declining enrollment.  Sheriff Shannon Zeman wants four more deputies and two more patrol cars. The fire department says it needs a new car for one of the station chiefs and other departments are requesting increases or at least restoration of cuts made since 2010.

For all practical purposes, the county is broke.

County Administrator Dan Campbell is preparing budgets options that range from a 10 percent across the board cut in all departments — including the school system — to an increased one that includes tax increases in both real estate and personal property.

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