Traffic stop turns into discovery of rolling, toxic crystal meth lab

Virginia State Trooper Woody McClanahan pulled Jamie Edward Weeks over for what looked like a routine traffic stop Wednesday morning on Virginia Route 8 at the dumpster boxes near the Montgomery County line.

But the stop was anything but routine.

McClanahan found Weeks was using the “shake and bake” method to make crystal meth in his truck. In other words, the pickup was a rolling meth lab.

Soon the green box area that also doubles as a commuter parking lot was overflowing with Virginia State troopers and Floyd County deputies. A special unit of the State Police was called in to handle the volatile drug and to clean up the toxic residue that its production creates.

“Shake and bake” is the newest way to manufacture crystal meth and doesn’t require a lab to “cook” the drug.  The ingredients for the drug are placed inside the container and it is turned upside down so the ingredients mix and generate the drug.

It is incredibly simple and incredibly dangerous. The chemical reaction inside the container (which can be something as simple as a soda bottle) builds up a lot of pressure and the container can explode.  Too many meth tweakers are doing this while driving so the fumes can escape an open car window and they often toss the used containers, which still contain toxic chemicals and fumes, out on the side of the road.

That’s why a clean up crew was called to the dumpster site on Rte. 8.

Earlier this month, Weeks — facing two charges of receiving stolen property —  cut a plea bargain that resulted in one charge dropped and a suspended five year prison sentence on the other along with three probation and entry into a drug diversion program.

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2 thoughts on “Traffic stop turns into discovery of rolling, toxic crystal meth lab”

  1. Disconcerting to know that some of the garbage that I routinely have to pick up along my property edge might be more than simple trash. I’ll approach and handle with caution from now on.

    Sad to think of the many lives this drug is destroying.

  2. The Sheriff was telling me they use Muriatic acid and Coleman fuel sometimes
    a couple of nasty chemicals, along with some other stuff, yes be careful what you pick up on the side of the road !!
    Smell strong chemical fumes somewhere, report it.

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