Morning fog

Heavy, soupy fog smothered the area Saturday morning as I wheeled my Harley out of the garage for a ride to Christiansburg and the regular monthly meeting of the New River Valley Harley Owners Group.

The cold seeped through several layers of heavy riding gear and chilled me to the bone before I even reached Floyd and turned only Virginia Rte. 8 for the hop over to C’Burg.

Why, I wondered, so so many drivers run in the fog without lights? Nearly half the cars I met on the road loomed in the darkness with no lights. Don’t they realize what a danger they pose on the road?

By the time I reached I-81 and turned north for a quick sprint up to the U.S. 11 and U.S. 460 exit, both the bike and I were soaked from the heavy moisture in the air.  That’s OK, I thought. The fog will lift by the time the meeting is over and I should be able to ride home in sunlight.

Only the fog didn’t life. It lingered and still choked the air and limited visibility when I headed back to Floyd shortly after 11 a.m.  It cleared as I approached Floyd but then closed in again by the time I reached home.

Fog is in the forecast again today when I head to meet friends for breakfast in Garden City in Roanoke and then ride with them up to Lexington for a gathering of Harley owners.  Maybe it will lift.

We can hope.

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