Pain at the gas pump

It now costs more than $70 to fill up my Jeep Wrangler. Even topping off the 4.8 gallon tank of my Harley invites sticker shock.

Gas prices are headed up, up and up and there’s no relief in site. The cost for regular gas has broken the $4 a gallon ceiling in some parts of the country and will probably arrive here before to long.

Yet the federal government tells Social Security recipients that the cost of living is not rising and, therefore, they haven’t received any cost of living adjustments for the past two years.

If that’s true, how can the Floyd County Board of Supervisors justify increases in both real estate and personal property taxes on the grounds that costs are rising?

That’s an easy question to answer. Prices are rising — a the grocery store, at the gas pump and in the tax bills that will arrive soon.

For some, these hikes in prices and taxes will be the last straw. Too many people are stretched razor-thin and too close to the breaking point. If the supervisors approve both a five-cent hike in real estate prices and a massive 75-cent rise in personal property too many Floyd Countians will be forced to make a decision between paying taxes or putting food on the table.

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2 thoughts on “Pain at the gas pump”

  1. Only way taxes are going down is if folks who don’t like it sell their property (at a loss, paper or real) and leave. The expenses of schools, solid waste, law and fire, can be reduced but don’t expect help from mysterious funds like the Fed. The Fed budget is bust, if firms who made Millions are getting refunds with zero net taxes paid, high worth individuals and the upper middle class have personal tax exemptions while the Exec and Congress wants to fund wars and intrigue with despots around the planet. The state coffers are similarly drained reduced revenues (we owe zero state tax this year since our income fell), the shortfall is also due to bizarre behavior like Commonwealth attorney’s posturing opposing Federal Legislation, and making political speech, while the experienced managers are laid off from VDoT, DEQ, DCR, VDH etc.
    The localities are going to have to pick up the tab for keeping civilization afloat. Just saying the idea that we don’t have to pay for our services is bankrupt, the people we elected to run the County have a job to do. No amount of wailing is going to change the reality of bills to pay. The increase in Personal Property taxes seems good choice, now a trailer on a lot has a tax obligation commensurate with the services it’s inhabitants require, the luxury vehicles and recreational property get’s tagged since it’s users have shown the ability to spend their extra income, an additional tax is a small burden which helps support the autonomy of local government. This is an investment which bears fruit, and people who recognize the jewel that is Floyd will continue to be attracted and I hope they feel welcome to spend their money here.

  2. Jeff pretty much nailed it. The federal & state governments have decided not to tax the rich, which just goes to show who owns the gov’t. With all the ‘no tax increase’ pledges in government at every level, no one can get anything done since everything now costs more (I guess we really saved a lot of money by not having VDOT put up snow fences the last couple of winters–NOT; they had to keep re-plowing the same stretches of road over and over, and it kept kids home from school way longer than necessary). The state has tried to use new “fees” and other clever terms to keep from raising taxes, but that only goes so far. The burden then falls on the local governments, and they have no choice but to raise property taxes…which hit the small farmers and other “cash-poor, land-rich” folks hard.

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