Politics, partisans and stereotyping

A member of the local tea party got in my face during a break at the monthly board of supervisors meeting Tuesday and claimed I was “biased” and “not a real conservative.”

Well, he was half-right.

I’m not a conservative. I’m not a liberal.

I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a Republican.

I’m an American and there is a difference that those who blindly follow the folly of partisan political action can never understand.

It drives partisans crazy when they can’t stereotype someone. It drives members of the fake grassroots movement called the tea party insane when someone shows true independence from their idea of lockstep ideology.

As for “biased,” I consider that a compliment when it comes from a tea party fanatic. It’s hilarious that members of the so-called tea party call themselves a grassroots movement. Their so-called party was created not by the grassroots but by two billionaire brothers named Charles and David Koch with the help of former Republican House leader Dick Amery and GOP mega-consultant Eddie Mahe. I know. I once worked as the senior communications consultant for The Eddie Mahe Company and part of my job was to create phony grassroots movements like the tea party for well-heeled corporate clients. It’s not something that I’m proud of but I was drinking a lot then and the money was good.

To the rabid right wing, being “biased” means having independent thought and an open mind. There’s no place for either in the tea party.  It means evaluating each issue on its own merits and not being swayed by the ideologues that want to stifle independence and freedom.

It’s also interesting that someone who considers Fox News fair and balanced has the gall to call me “biased.”

Conservatives claim liberals oppose freedom. Liberals say the same thing about conservatives. The sad truth is that any political “movement” demands rigid compliance to an dogma that restricts freedom and independence.

The right-wing labels any Republicans who shows some independence or moderation as “RINOs” (Republican in Name Only) and vows to defeat them at the polls and put in their place only those who subscribe to the narrow point of view of their restrictive beliefs.

That’s how we got intellectually-challenged members of Congress like Michelle Bachmann.

God help us.

For the record, I’m a political agnostic. I don’t believe in any political party or philosophy. I’m conservative on some issues, liberal on others. I’m a gun owner who supports freedom of choice when it comes to abortion.  I’m an environmentalist who supports free enterprise.

That kind of independence doesn’t sit well with partisans.


They can’t handle real freedom anyway.

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6 thoughts on “Politics, partisans and stereotyping”

  1. Doug, in addition to the stereotyping of tea bag types as ‘fanatic’ and right-wingers as ‘rabid’, I see no ‘fair and balanced’ treatment of liberals in this blog or others you’ve written. Maybe that is why some call you left-wing biased. How about Democrat ties to people like George Soros and BIll Ayers, and the backgrounds of Obama’s 30+ ‘Czars’, etc., etc?

    BTW, everyone is biased in some way (even you), the majority of people are probably not purists one way or another; labels are how we categorize things and people; (my category probably leans ‘libertarian’, just for the record).

    The vast majority of tea partiers want the country to move closer to the founding principles and the original intent of the Constitution; for that they are labeled as ‘fanatics’. Are there a few idiots that attend tea party functions? No larger a percentage than in any other group, ‘Agnostics’ included.

    • Country Boy, you’re uninformed comments are so typical of those who support the so-called tea party movement. You say you see no “fair and balanced” treatment of liberals on this site or my other sites. It doesn’t take much research to discover that I treat all sides with equal disrespect.

      For example:

      Obama wants another four years. God help us (April 23, 2011):

      Barack Obama wants another four years as President.

      Oh boy. Be still my heart. I haven’t been this excited about something since I jumped stark naked into a vat of ice-cold Franklin dimes.

      Four more years of failed leadership, four more years of meandering from side to side like a rowboat in stormy waters, four more years of flawed policies.


      Jointing a political party means surrendering your freedom (March 23, 2011):

      Sadly, both political parties promote hate as part of their agenda. Both use stereotypes to try and destroy their opposition. Both contribute to a system that is flawed and out-of-control. Neither puts America first because doing so conflicts with the agendas of both the right and the left.


      Obama: An inept, amateurish failure (August 3, 2010):

      Obama could go down as one of the worst Presidents in American history — an amatuer so incapable of handling the job that even George W. Bush — the man Obama blames for all his failtures — comes out looking like a more capable President.

      Even Democrats privately call Obama an amateur. In the House and Senate chambers, they whisper and laugh at his many mistakes and realize that they — like too many others in Americans — were had by a con man.


      Your inept claim that you could not find any evidence that I go after Democrats or liberals is just another example of how the tea party and those who support it operate. Rather than take the time to research and discover the truth you would rather spread misinformation because the facts do no support your twisted fantasies.

      I view the tea party with disdain because I have yet to meet a member or supporter of that phony “grassroots” operation who truly understands politics, government or the needs of America. The tea party is too busy waving racist signs at rallies, disrupting public meetings, dressing up in silly costumes and spouting hate-filled slogans to really get inside the system to try and solve the nation’s ills.

      Truth obviously doesn’t interest you, Country Boy. If it did you would have taken the time to do some real research rather than lie about what I write and where I stand. You are a phony, just like the tea party you praise.

      But then, I expect nothing less from those who hide behind anonymous screen names and post misinformation on web sites. If you truly loved this country, you would have the courage to stand up with your true identity.

      • Doug, thanks for falling for the trick and exposing your true positions in a nice compact reply for those who criticize you for being one-sided. I’m not against you and I’ve never attended attended a tea-party event (although I would like to see the country go back to more of the founding principles). Anyone who reads your response will now know the truth about where you stand.

        • Anybody who is a regular reader knows exactly where I stand. Unlike those who post anonymously on the Internet, I have nothing to hide. My contempt for both sides is well-known and documented. It’s only those who engage in drive-by attacks like yours that spread false information.

  2. I agree a 100% Doug your right
    I’m not a party follower but I will be voting mostly Republican because I do think it is the answer to getting us of of this near depression era, but someone comes along and has good ideas and also not a party follower I will vote for them.
    2 more years to finish what we started= getting rid of control by Democrats
    it’s going to be a long 2 years for all of us, if we put these knuckle heads back in charge again it could be over?

  3. >>The right-wing labels any Republicans who shows some independence or moderation as “RINOs” (Republican in Name Only)<<

    Quite a few Republicans of today would do all they could to defeat Eisenhower and Goldwater if those two legends were still around today.

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