A losing battle with Mother Nature

The grass in our front yard is long, deep and thick.  Attempted to mow it this past weekend but rains left it too wet and the soggy mess kept clogging the mower.

Deep ruts hamper any attempts to negotiate our driveway. The rain won’t let up long enough to allow the gravel and dirt to dry enough to regrade the 500-foot long driveway that climbs a steep hill.

I’m at war with Mother Nature — and she’s winning.

The National Weather Service says rain will continue through the week but promises sunny weather for Saturday and Sunday.

By then our yard will be declared a wilderness area and the driveway will be an off-road trail for Jeeps and ATVs.

Of course, our cosmetic problems are nothing compared to those who have lost their homes to a tornado in Pulaski or those who lost homes, businesses and lives to an even larger twister in Glade Spring.  We should remember those folks and keep them in our prayers.

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