The long wait at Rolling Thunder

Catching some shut eye before Thunder starts.

At Rolling Thunder, you get up early on the day of the event and rush to get down to the Pentagon North Parking Lot to get a place in line in a sea of motorcycles and sit for the next 4-5 hours until it time for your line to move out.

The parking lot is a show unto itself with hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists finding various ways to kill time until the start of the mother of all group rides.

A far cry from the first Rolling Thunder in 1988 when 2500 rode into Washington to rally in front of the Capitol.

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3 thoughts on “The long wait at Rolling Thunder”

  1. I hope you are feeling alive and well Doug after your latest trials and tribulations.

    I wish I could too when this type of event rolls around. What’s lacking is a conversation summed up in a song by Country Joe and the Fish. Or the other one about War, What the Hell are we fighting For.

    This is not meant in disrespect for anyone that served, dead or alive. It’s about that other conversation that remains under the rug, and the visible evidence noticed is not mentioned either.

    I mourn for the dead, wounded/disabled and mentally tormented for life, with that phrase from my religious indoctrination as a confirmed Episcopalian. Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.

    I’ll keep my potential rant short and not risk my version of Fractured Fairytales presented as history by Jeff.

    Getting rid of the draft rather than reform the system was brilliant. Even better when wars are not approved or funded by Congress. How’s that election counterbalance working? Congress couldn’t defend it’s ability for an entry level job and polls don’t matter when their performance level hovers below 20% and support of the whatever you call them is less than 30%.

    I acknowledged my kid brother’s service Army Infantry for 6 years and I’m grateful he didn’t have to kill anyone. He is grateful for that too, and without consideration for my feelings about it.

    Is anyone aware of a day to remember all the innocent deaths, results of military attitude? Collateral Damage Day?

    Odd that the most likely to be Hawks are also pro-life. Great idea, don’t kill the fetus, we need warriors.

  2. It doesn’t matter, it’s the way it is.

    Good luck finding anything and question anything you might find. It’s much easier to count the heads in the military than anyone surrounded by the conflict.

    This is one result of someone interested, years beyond the conflict;

    I was a tad astonished by the helicopter crew number. I was remembering the death of a kid down the block announced as KIA at my highschool. He flew a copter, or was crew, details don’t really matter and I didn’t ask.

    Roland Florio should be on The Wall. I haven’t forgotten.

    Maybe that’s another day and I should know why they changed it from Decoration Day. Making it a convenient 3 day weekend for merchandisers is more transparent. Not much of a holiday if you work in retail.

    Yaay Team!

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