Truck 1: Floyd Town Hall 0

A unattended truck owned by a Floyd County Volunteer Fireman careened off the parking lot of Station No. 1 above the Floyd Town Hall on Memorial Day weekend.

According to 1st Lt. Barry Nichols of Station No. 1, the truck crashed into the front of the Town Hall, destroying the front window and knocking out part of the front of the building.

So the Town Hall is closed for repair and the face of the volunteer fireman is probably as red as the department’s fire trucks. Fortunately, the accident happened on a Sunday and no was working in the town hall.

Floyd Mayor Will Griffin says the incident is the latest piece of bad news for Floyd. Town Manager Lance Terpenny is recovering from a nasty case of road rash after laying a motorcycle down to avoid a deer over the holiday weekend. Town Clerk Karen Hodges faces surgery for neck problems and another town employee is out for more than a month with a bad back.

“The town is just falling apart,” Griffin says with a wink.

(Updated at 6:41 p.m. to add information and to correct a mistake. The truck in question belonged to a volunteer fireman and was not a fire truck as previously. My thanks to Lt. Nichols for providing us with the accurate information. My apologies for the mistake.)

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8 thoughts on “Truck 1: Floyd Town Hall 0”

  1. Doug,
    Have you spoken with anyone on the fire dept, sheriffs office, or State Police to get the facts on this story? Most of your information seems to be incorrect in regards to the accident.

    • Are you feeling OK Doug?

      Who is avoiding responsibilty for what happened?

      Why did you leave the Mayor’s quote intact? How many types of vehicles can jacknife? I thought that was limited to vehicles towing trailers.

      Solutions? Strip mine any potential danger zones. Gravity is dangerous if you are downhill of careless people.

      Do you know that VA State vehicle inspections include verifying a working parking brake? What would you suggest as a solution to people that don’t use them?

      Maybe you’ve noticed it’s not uncommon for people to drive into buildings. At least this incident was more rare, with a ghost driver. You should investigate what happened and educate your readers. Was the vehicle an automatic or manual transmission? There was a mechanical failure of some sort and I doubt it was the parking brake.

      Or it was a human error and the vehicle rolled away in neutral. Someone made a report with observations and vehicle owner statement?

      • Try cutting back on the caffeine Jeff. I updated the article at 6:41 p.m. based on new information and noted the edits. You posted your comments at 8:07 p.m. — two and a half hours after I amended the article and apologized for the mistake.

  2. My apologies to Lauren Yoder and Jeffrey King for lashing out at them when they posted comments. I have removed my inappropriate replys. I was overreacting because of some anonymous phone calls and emails regarding the article. I was upset but it was wrong of me to take it out on them.

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