As more facts emerge, Sheriff Hunt’s culpability in murder grows

The more we learn about the tragic Memorial Day events that led to a Franklin County deputy sheriff gunning down his ex-wife in the parking lot of a Roanoke gas station the more the incredible ineptitude of sheriff Ewell Hunt is exposed.

Recordings released by the Roanoke City Police Department shows their emergency center ran into a Hunt-ordered wall of silence when it tried to obtain information about Deputy Jonathan Agee, who is charted with killing his ex-wife in front of their young daughter in the parking lot of the Sheetz at Orange Avenue and Williamson Road on Memorial Day.

Agee is also charged with shooting a Virginia State Trooper after a high-speed chase on U.S. 460 and Interstate 81 before troopers finally stopped him in a hail of gunfire at the Ironto exit.

“Our sheriff is telling us not to mention anything,” a Franklin County dispatcher told Roanoke’s emergency dispatcher.  “We were told not to release much information.”

Instead of sending out an area-wife BOLO (Be on the LookOut for) alert to surrounding jurisdiction, the Franklin County dispatch center responded to an urgent 911 call from Agee’s current wife saying he was on his way to Roanoke County with plans to kill his ex-wife by sending a text message to Hunt.

Hunt told his dispatcher he would “handle it” and called the Salem Police Department and left a message.

Hunt also told his dispatcher that he would call the Roanoke County Police Department. He didn’t. They have no record of any call from the Franklin Sheriff.

(Includes information from The Roanoke Times and Franklin News-Post)

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4 thoughts on “As more facts emerge, Sheriff Hunt’s culpability in murder grows”

  1. While it is apparent, especially in hind site, that Sheriff Hunt used less than good judgement, it is sad to see someone use comedy characters to illustrate that point. This indicates that the writer has no sense of character or decorum and lacks any compassion for the victims of the crime.

  2. Your point is well taken and the illustration has been changed. Sheriff Hunt’s actions have been such a comedy of errors that it would be funny if the results were not so tragic.

    But don’t believe for one second that I don’t have compassion for the victims of this tragedy.

  3. Oh please…..Doug using the Stoogies illustrates what a bumbling mess Hunt made of this. He could have used photos of Barney Fife from the Andy Griffith show. I guess that would have been offensive as well.
    No matter what illustration he used….it’s his opinion, ( one I agree
    with), and should not warrant this level of personal attack.
    Attacking his character is bad enough but stating he lacks compassion
    for the victims goes over the line.
    Oviously, Doug DOES have compassion for the victims or he would not
    have taken all the time to research the facts and take a stand in writing. That, in and of itself, shows he has compassion for the victims.

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  4. Ewell Hunt didn’t just display “incredible ineptitude.” He could face felony charges as an accessory to murder. Police across the country have gotten trigger-happy over the last 20 years but this case reeks of having been plotted well in advance.

    Is there any provision in Virginia law to remove a sheriff immediately for such conduct? The attorney general in Richmond is more obsessed with going after people who can’t defend themselves.

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