Zen and the art of motorcycle road trips

Road trip this weekend: Off to Akron for Founders Day and then on to other points. Put over a thousand miles on the Harley Super Glide.

Put a lot of miles on this bike since buying it in February of 2009. It goes in for a 50.000 mile service this week. For some, riding motorcycles is a lifestyle. For me it’s both transportation and a way of life.

Nothing gives me as much of a sense of peace and serenity as piling up the miles from the saddle of a bike. Whether is swallowing up the pavement on the super slab (Interstate) or carving curves on some winding mountain road, I come away from the ride with a smile on my face and tranquility in my life.

There’s an old saying that “nobody ever saw a motorcycle parked outside a psychiatrist’s office.” Can’t say if that is true. I dated a shrink once but never have been inside the office of one. Some feel I could use a few sessions on the couch but all I need to deal with the pressures and stresses of life are the rumble of a V-Twin and the road ahead.

Spending the weekend with several thousand fellow travelers on the road to recovery from alcoholism — many of them on bikes — brought even more comfort and stability.

I’m at peace with myself and the world and the road ahead beckons.

Catch you on the flip side.

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