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Kill a cop for Christ

Once again, a group that hates America and embraces religion to justify that hate wants to kill Americans and destroy our way of life. No, we’re not talking about Islam-spouting Arabs who hide in caves and plot atrocities. This is yet another home-grown, American-born-and-bred gaggle of hatemongers who wave the Bible and invoke the name

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Sun may finally be rising on Spring

March had to deliver one last shot of winter over the weekend with freezing overnight temperatures and then a blast of heavy, cold rain before giving way to Spring. The forecast for Wednesday — the last day of March — calls for sun and 73 degrees, followed by a high in the 80s for April

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Floyd’s ever-changing face

Paper covers the windows of the corner location of the Winter Sun as work continues on converting the former home of Cafe del Sol into the new home of Dogtown Pizza. Just up Locust Street, Tom Ryan readies his Republic of Floyd Emporium for its grand opening on March 31 while Natasha’s Market Cafe heads

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Jackass basketball

There’s a reason why they are called jackasses (aka donkeys) and those who took part in the charity Donkey Basketball game at Floyd County High School Thursday night found out why. The recalcitrant donkeys proved more than a match for those who tried to ride and play basketball at the same time as a combo

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Tea Party brews dangerous vandalism

Tea Party activist Mike Troxel of Lynchburg decided it would be cute to post what he thought was Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello‘s home address on his blog after the Congressman had the gall to vote for the health care reform bill that passed the House of Representatives Sunday night. But Troxel got it wrong. The

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Crime-time in Floyd County

While the economy and health care still dominate much of the discussion over coffee and eggs at breakfast spots in and around Floyd, people also talk about the increasing problem of crime. “This used to a be a place where people left their doors unlocked and keys in their cars,” one long-time resident said the

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Area Congressmen split vote on flawed health care bill

Our two Democratic Congressmen split their votes on the health care “reform” package that passed the House of Representatives late Sunday night. Rep. Rick Boucher voted “no,” saying the bill’s cuts in Medicare hurt his large senior citizen constituency. Rep. Tom Perriello cast a “yes” vote, a move which could cost him in the mid-term

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Tea Party racism

Racism and anti-gay bigotry reared their ugly heads Saturday as Tea Party participants protested the health care vote that is scheduled for a historic vote Sunday. Protesters taunted openly-day Democratic Congressman Barney Frank with “faggot,” “homo” and other homophobic slurs and called African-American Georgia Congressman John Lewis a “nigger” as he left the Cannon House

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Pothole patrol

Drivers beware: There’s a pothole out there just waiting for the chance to destroy a tire, break or suspension or — at the very least — knock your front end out of line. The winter of extremes left us with a plethora of potholes: Some large enough to qualify for statehood or their own zip

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Fighting the good fight

Fought a long, protracted battle with technology over the weekend, one that so sapped my energy that I had little time for little things like updating Blue Ridge Muse. My political news web site, Capitol Hill Blue, which has been online since 1994, went on the fritz with database and server resource problems, causing the

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