August 23, 2017 | During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes revolutionary.

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Skin on display at Liberty University

The Miss Virginia Pageant is leaving Roanoke to take up residence at Liberty University in Lynchburg, starting next year. To make sure we have this straight, the Christian school that expels students who dally sexually with other students will start hosting a beauty pageant with contestants who strut around the stage in bikinis? While we enjoy looking at sweet young things in bikinis (and less), we find it hypocritical that a school that exploits keeping young men and women chaste now wants to exploit the sexism of a beauty pageant and feature attractive women barely over the age of consent cavorting around the school’s stage in skimpy attire that shows more skin than their underwear. Liberty throws out unmarried female students who g ...

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Friday Night Music in Floyd, Virginia

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