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A Harley kind-of-day

Put close to 200 miles on my Harley Switchback Thursdya, observing the approaching Spring and knowing that two days of rain are coming before Sunday brings a stretch of sunny and warmer weather for the upcoming week. Technicians gave the electrical system a once-over after last week’s glitch that put the newer bike in the

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The dependable Dyna Super Glide

An electrical glitch sidelined my Harley-Davidson Switchback Sunday shortly after I headed out for a long-overdue ride in beautiful weather. Thankfully, Amy ventured out with a pair of jumper cables and I was able to get the machine started again and limped home from downtown Floyd. The Switchback will sit in the garage until I

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On the road again

Next month will be the second anniversary of the great cow encounter on U.S. 221 at the bottom of Bent Mountain on Nov. 9, 2012 — an accident that kept me off a motorcycle and in rehab for extensive physical therapy for 21 months. Before the crash, I often rode 200-300 miles a day, and

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Heading for the road

The sun is coming up on another cool but beautiful morning, the Harley is waiting in the garage and I will be on it soon for a ride and breakfast. A few months ago, it was still a question over whether or not I could ever ride a motorcycle again.  Doctors resolved that question in

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Writing about death is never easy

In more than a half-century of reporting news, the hardest stories to write have always been about death. In the 1960s, as a young reporter for The Roanoke Times, one of my assignments for the paper required contacting the families of soldiers killed in Vietnam to obtain information for stories about their deaths. I encountered

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Riding: It’s in the blood

With wife Amy obtaining her motorcycle license over the weekend, we will be a motorcycling couple as soon as we pick up her new Can-Am RTS at the dealer in North Carolina later this week. A lot of people asked why I would even consider getting back on a bike after my cow encounter in

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Amy joins the motorcycle ranks

Amy Thompson is now a licensed motorcycle rider after having completed the three-wheel “trike and sidecar” class at Central Virginia Community College in Lynchburg. We are now in the market for a three-wheeler for her, preferably a Can-Am that has two wheels in the front. Related articles Trikes are on the rise in motorcycle culture

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