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Last week, we tried letting Chewy run free. She’s old enough, we thought, and never strays far from home. Besides, she has a tag and other dogs roam free in the neighborhood without problems.

Freedom lasted only a few days, though, after I walked out in the front yard one morning and saw her playing in the middle of Sandy Flats Road – a good target for cars that come over the hill.

So she went back on the front-yard tether, a 100-foot stretch of cord that allows her a wide circular, but limited, territory. She hates the tether and yelps her displeasure constantly.

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Tradition Loses Again

Like many kids, I idolized baseball. I cheered the Yankees and remember the year Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth’s long-standing record of home runs in a single season. When we lived in Farmville, Virginia, I would deliver papers and then pedal my bicycle to the top of a hill east of town to listen to the Yankee games on a transistor radio. We considered the Yankees our team because the Richmond AAA club at the time belonged to the Nw York farm system.

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The Right Move

During my day trip to Northern Virginia last week, I sat in the office of a friend I had not seen since leaving a year ago. He asked a question I get often from those who still live the urban life.

“Why Floyd? What on earth motivated you to move way out in the country?”

The same question comes up here. Some who have lived here for years still wonder if they made the choice.

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Crashed this weekend. Crashed hard. Too many long days, too long on the road, too much exhaustion took their toll. Body and mind had to recover.

Went to the Citizens Telephone annual meeting Saturday, came home, and slept. And slept. And slept some more. Same for today. Those who know a thing or two about human phsyiology say you can’t make up sleep. Maybe not. But my body didn’t study phsyiology in school and it feels a lot better this morning.

You reach saturation points in both body and mind: physical and mental, exhaustion and stress. You have to take time to recharge.

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After a seventeen-hour day driving to and from Washington and Thursday, and facing a football game to shoot Friday night, the day after became an R&R time, sleeping in, posting late on The Muse and writing only a little for Capitol Hill Blue.

However, forgot to put a do-not-disturb notice on the phone which started ringing shortly after 8 a.m. Between the house and cell phones, answered a half-dozen calls by 10. Oh well.

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Facing Reality

OK. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m human. I’m human with a lot of miles on the body and a lot less spring in my step. But my overambitious mind all too often forgets that and tries to ignore the limitations of time.

Two months ago, I announced plans for an ambitious new web site — FloydCounty.Com, a multi-media news and information site that I hoped would make use of the latest video and audio technology. It was, and is, something I have the capability of producing but not, unfortunately, the time.

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Sticker Shock

Paid $2.97.9 a gallon for 87-octane regular at the Exxon station in Floyd Sunday. Almost seemed like a bargain after a week at $299.9. According to the talking heads on the tube gas prices will go down over the next few weeks (unless we have another real or manufacturered crisis).

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Raindrops Keep Falling

And the rain continued. Prolonged rain. Soaking rain. Needed rain. Some creeks flooded but, for most, the rain provided relief for the dry spell and may provide some salvation for the fall colors season, a season threatened by high gas prices and a general feeling of uneasiness that keeps people from going out and enjoying the world around them.

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Phone Home

100605phone1.jpgSpotted it in a junk shop in Alton, Illinois, in 1973: An antique wall phone similar to one that adorned the wall of the kitchen of our farmhouse when I grew up in Floyd County, VA. Took nearly an hour of haggling with the shop owner before he parted with the phone and my wallet parted with $100. Took another week of cleaning to get the phone presentable for the kitchen wall of our circa 1817 row house in Alton.

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One hates to admit mortality but awareness increases in the twlight of the years. Simple tasks like climbing steps become challenges of pain and endurance so you can imagine what a night of running up and down the sidelines of a football field can do to aching and failing joints.

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