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The rain and the pain is no reason to complain

043005track.jpgFriday morning’s heavy rains and the afternoon threat of more did not stop the twice-postponed regional varsity track meet at Floyd County High School as students from several area schools participated under a heavy cloud cover and more rain that drenched the later events of the meet.

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Good food, good times

Tried out the newly-reopened Pine Tavern Restaurant last night. Some friends who had tried it loved it while others found the food uninspired.

Perhaps the inconsistency comes from being new. We found the food fantastic with excellent service and a convivial atmosphere for a fun evening.

The new Pine offers two choices for dinner: Homestyle dining or off the menu dishes like catfish, chicken, meatloaf and other delicacies.

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You talking to me?

One of the family of mallards that moved into the stream in our front yard regards me as I arrive home Tuesday. The duck used to run when I approached. Now there is a mixture of wariness and benign acceptance of another intrusion from the human who lives up the hill.

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Hot Tub Heaven

042605moon.jpgThe realities of modern day callousness and inferior customer service invaded our little piece of heaven this weekend. After three days of fighting the Great Water Heater War, Amy and I were exhausted — both mentally and pnysically.

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Promises to keep

The journey that brought us to these mountains began more than 10 years ago, on a summer night in June 1994 when I walked into the basement meeting room of a church in Arlington, Virginia, and listened to a group of men and women talk about their addiction to alcohol.

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The great, multi-month search is over. After looking at more examples and models than I can remember, we settled Saturday on a hot tub.

Yes, a hot tub. Go ahead. Call us yuppies (actually, we’re too old to be yuppie). Both Amy and I have arthritis and mine is complicated by some non-OEM parts and a good soak at 100-plus degrees is just what the doctor ordered. In about a week we will be soaking to our heart’s content in a new hot tub on our back porch.

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Green Acres

041605mowing3.jpgWith our front yard qualifying for wilderness status, the inevitable could no longer be avoided. Time to dust off the shiny John Deere L130 lawn tractor purchased last December, fire it up, and tackle the great hillside that some sadists call a yard.

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Soccer in the mountains

Floyd County High School’s varsity boys’ soccer team opened their home season this week with a 3-0 drubbing of Giles County. Soccer? Yes, soccer.

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