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Part of the plan

060305water.jpgA day of solid rain on Thursday sent creeks to the edge of their banks and water cascading down hills, a needed soak that took the edge off dry lawns and dusty roads.

Sporadic rains are forecast today along with thunderstorms expected for the weekend. Then we can lookforward to more grass growing, followed by more grass cutting and then more grass growing, followed by more grass cutting.

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A breath of fresh air

060105bird.jpgLast November, when were were finishing up sale or our condo in Northern Virginia and getting ready to make the final, and complete, move to Floyd County, I came down with a cold, which turned into flu, which turned into walking pneumonia.

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Good morning America how are you?

053105sunrise.jpgThe morning sun burns off fog from Little River in Floyd County. Morning mist and fog are normal along the river this time of year but the haze quickly burns away under the sun of an approaching summer.

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Some velvet morning when I’m straight

Morning light on the tulips that line our driveway. The long Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Start of the tourist season. Start of the summer season. School will be out soon and the lazy, hazy days of summer descend on the mountains of Southwestern Virginia.

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Four wheel nuts

I drive a Jeep. Not a Cherokee, Grand Cherokee or Liberty mind you (although we do have a Liberty as our “family” car) but a balls-to-the-wall black 2000 Wrangler with dual lockers, Dana axles, an 8,000-pound Warn winch and nearly a year’s worth of mud and dust.

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Temper, temper

I let my temper get the better of me Monday and posted a diatribe against politics that may have had some good points but those points got lost because I went over the top.

My mistake. My apology. It has been deleted.

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Storm clouds

051505crosscreek.jpgWe were visiting the grand opening of the Cross Creek commerical center just outside Floyd Saturday afternoon when the distant roar of thunder filtered through the music and sounds of children.

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So long ducks

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New owner, new hope for the Jamboree?

051305cloggers.jpg“Say what you will about the Friday Night Jamboree,” says Hubert Roberson, former owner of the Floyd County Store, “but it’s sure put Floyd on the map.” Yes, the Jamboree is — to many visitors — what this area is all about: bluegrass music, clogging and a down-home good time.

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It’s the people too

051205clydewilliams.jpgLike many photographers, I too often get wrapped up in the scenic beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and forget that it is also the people who make living here such a pleasant experience.

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