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Enough already

030805rain2.jpgOnly took one look at the sky Monday afternoon to see trouble on the way. Rain coming. Lots of rain. More moisture for a ground that is already soaked. Add high wind warnings in effect for most of Tuesday and we have, as the Grateful Dead once said: “Trouble ahead, trouble behind.”

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022605sunlight2.jpgLight breaks through the trees during my morning walk along Harvestwood Road near Sandy Flats. Temperate weather this winter has left the area greener than usual and some plants are already trying to bloom.

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Stream of conciousness

Early morning on the stream fed by three springs from the hill above our home. Not quite light yet so the camera must be set on a time exposure to capture both the light and the seamless flow of the water.

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Them damn hippies

020405first.jpgWhen fellow Floyd County blogger Fred First posted this 1977 photo of himself, his wife Ann, and their daughter on Fragments From Floyd, it reminded me that if you get into a prolonged conversation with some longtime Floyd Countians you probably will hear this phrase:

“Them damn hippies.”

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Have an ice day

Took the better part of two hours to repair the damage left by the movers from hell earlier this week. I managed to fill in the ruts and smooth over the mounds left by the truck stuck in our driveway in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Replacing the grass and sod will have to wait.

Good thing. Snow and freezing rain moved in early today and the ground is, once again, white and frozen. The talking heads claim we might get 2-4 inches before the day ends.

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The last act

Just one month shy of 24 years ago, we packed everything we owned into a rented Ryder truck and began the 714-mile drive from Alton, Illinois, to Washington. We arrived one day later, on March 1, 1981, to begin what became almost a quarter century there.

Today, we drive back up to the Washington area to oversee two teams of movers as they empty out our storage rooms in Arlington and start the 300-mile journey from there to Floyd. Our last connection to the National Capital Region comes to an end.

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Whither the Muse?

What am I going to do with this blog? I started it as a place for writings and photography about life in the Blue Ridge but find that most of that goes into one of my other blogs at DougThompson.Com.

Between that blog, American Newsreel and Capitol Hill Blue, I find myself running out of time on any given day.

I’m weighing some options: Merging Muse with, trying to devote more time to it or dropping it.

Not sure yet what to do.

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Our apologies…

…for being offline for so long. We’ve came down with a case of pneumonia towards the end of November and am only now getting back on our feet.

Getting old is a bitch.

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Yeah, we’re a little behind…

Caught a cold while photographing the Floyd-Giles football game a week ago and now bronchitis has set in.

Hard to think coherently while coughing and wheezing and viewing the world through the fog of antihistimines.

Hopefully, it will clear up in a few days.


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Coming home

103004bell.jpgWith the sale of our home in Arlington scheduled to close on November 29, we turn our attention now to a new home in the Blue Ridge.

Do we build something new on the 105 acres we own at the Floyd-Carroll County line or do we buy an existing home from the many excellent choices that are on the market now?

Good questions. Do we spend the next six-to-eight months building exactly what we want or do with go the more immediate route of buying and rennovating to get what we we want?

Thanks to an out-of-control real estate market in Northern Virginia, we have the flexibility to make such a decision.

We will leave town on November 29 with enough financial security to make the decision that best serves our needs. But we’ve already made the most important decision, the one to call the mountains home once agin.

Ring the bell mama. We’re coming home.

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