35.6 F
Monday, February 18, 2019


Hobbing around this morning on a sprained foot.  Not sure when it happened. Probably while hiking around the uneven ground at FloydFest Saturday. While driving back to Floyd late in the afternoon, noticed pain while using the clutch to shift the Wrangler.

Sat in the hot tub for an hour or so to relieve all the aches and pains that come from three days walking the hills, dales and byways of the festival, climbing up and down various objects to get better angles for photos and carrying about 35 pounds of camera equipment.

Beyond their years in musical talent

Youth took the stage of the Floyd Country Store Saturday night with gusto Saturday night. Shadow Grass, with musicians and singers ranging from 12 to...

Into the zone

As a photographer, I've always gone "into the zone" when working. Into the zone means oblivious to all else -- danger, environment, aches, pains or physical limitations. The zone served me well in war. I could scamper about, and into situations that no sane individual would possibly attempt. That's how I got good photos. It's also why some of my body parts don't function as well as they should today and why some are missing or held together with pins, plastic and screws.

A busy musical night at the Jamboree

The Friday after Thanksgiving is not just Black Friday but also a busy night at Floyd's iconic Friday Night Jamboree. With relatives and other visitors...

Friday Night Lights

As weather prognosticators claim, warmer, more-Springlike weather is coming and even with cooler temperatures on Friday, the evening sky over The Winter Sun and...

A weekend to dance the night away

Heading into the third weekend of January with a Friday with rain in the morning hours and a high projected at 60 for the...

Floyd County High School football

The sights and sounds of high school football signaled the approaching end of summer Friday night at Floyd County High School in a scrimmage...

Sexual abusers of children living among us

Two examples of sexual exploitation of children appeared in Floyd County Circuit Court Tuesday as a father and son admitted guilt to reproducing images...


Perhaps, after all the clouds, rain and cooler than normal weather, we can actually now enjoy Spring and then Summer. Perhaps. Then, again, Mother Nature is...

T-shirt of the week

T-shirt spotted recently at Oddfellas Cantina:
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