23.5 F
Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Afternoon music

On the Parkway Saturday with Bernie Coveney, shooting some outdoor shots for his upcoming CD. While putting equipment away at Rockey Knob overlook some tourists asked Bernie to play.

Smog in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Smog rises over the Roanoke Valley as viewed from the top of Bent Mountain.

Floyd County High School football

The sights and sounds of high school football signaled the approaching end of summer Friday night at Floyd County High School in a scrimmage...

Family Day in the Park

The Floyd Town Jubilee closed out its summer season Saturday with the Family Day in the Park event that was postponed from the previous...


Heading back to Arlington Sunday for our alternate week in the city when I looked in the rear view mirror and saw an awesome sight of clouds outlined by the sun. Pulling over on I-66 Eastbound on a busy Sunday afternoon ain't the brightest idea in the world but I headed for the shoulder and pulled my camera out of the bag in the back of the Wrangler. The halo outline that had caught my attention in the rear view was gone by the time I got stopped but the sky was still awesome. Mother nature always has a few tricks up her sleeve.


Amy captured this moment between two skateboarders/friends at The Village Green last week. (Photo by Amy Thompson)

The fog of day

061105fog.jpg Shafts of morning light filter through the fog and trees near Chateau Thompson.

Fall Color

Fall colors came quickly this year with leaves reaching their peak and then plummeting to the ground from a combination of rain and wind....


011206davidamy.jpg The way cellphone cameras are advancing, it is only a matter of time before photojournalists start using cameras in their wireless phones to record events.

My latest toy is a Treo 700W Smartphone from Verizon, a Palm Treo running Windows Mobile version 5 with a 1.3 megapixel camera as part of the package. Besides being a phone, portable email device and PDA, the Treo can capture decent photos for web use or publication, like the one above featuring David St. Lawrence showing off photos of his and Gretchen's cats to Amy when we met them for lunch Wednesday at Cafe del Sol.

The Treo also captures video, which is something I will experiment with later.


063005rain.jpg The afternoon thunderstorm soaked parts of Floyd County Wednesday but other sections remained dry. We heard the thunder at the studio but no rain fell. As I drove home in the early evening, the evidence of heavy rain increased but by then the sun was out with the light playing off the wetness. I stopped along Harvestwood Road and found this rapidly disappearing evidence of recent rain set against the setting sun.