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Monday, February 18, 2019

Generating hate and violence

On Saturday of this past weekend, music fans braved threats and realities of rain to hear the best of old-time and bluegrass tunes as...

A good time on Little River

The kids came Saturday to Little River along Thunderstruck Saturday for the 9th Annual Kids Fishing Day, sponsored by The Floyd County Sheriff's Department...

Little River Supervisors candidates – Part II

Candidates Linda DeVito Kuchenbuch and Eddie Worth face off in the second of two videos of their presentations.

Video of Sheriff’s Candidates – Part II

After several delays in transferring both the second and first parts of the presentation by candidates for Sheriff in Floyd County, Part II is posted here.

Sheriff’s candidates forum – Part I

Murphy's Law took control of our plans to have a video presentation of candidates for Sheriff of Floyd County at a forum last week up and running on Blue Ridge Muse early this morning.

One chance to hear candidates face-to-face

Floyd County residents face choices between two candidates for Sheriff, three candidates including a Republican incumbent, a Democratic challenger and an independent for Burks...

Oops! My bad for missing a candidate

In our roundup of contested races for Floyd County, I omitted Michael Schumann's name from the list of three candidates for Burks Fork Supervisor. No slight intended. I mentioned a third candidate for the post but stupidly failed to list Schumann's name.

Get mad. Then run for office

Politics, even locally, is often driven by anger, and people who are mad at the way things are are driving a surge of entries...

Lies, damn lies and just politics

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. We're so glad you could attend. Come inside! Come inside! These lyrics from Emerson, Lake & Palmer's Karn Evil 9 is from their album "Brain Salad Surgery" and, while written and produced back in 1973 -- 42 years ago -- aptly illustrate the circus currently masquerading as the Sheriff's campaign for Floyd County in 2015.

Floyd County elections are elephant stampedes

In most cases, a primary election is just the first step of the process towards election. In Floyd County, winning a GOP primary often means...