Day: April 25, 2004

The Fog of Morning

FogThe view through the windshield was all fog this morning as I drove from the farm to the studio.

Fog to the left of me, fog to the right of me…stuck in the middle again, heading for work on a Sunday morning.

Looked like the beginning of a dreary day but then the fog lifted, the sun came out and Sunday turned into a reasonably nice — if a little steamy — day.

Traffic through The Jacksonville Center was steady, mostly curiousity seekers. Nobody ready to whip out their checkbook and pay to hang an original photo on their wall. This studio business seemed simple enough back when we started. Take pictures. Print pictures. Hang pictures on wall. Sell pictures. If you photograph it, they will come. They will look.

They will comment. But when, oh when, will they buy?

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